Hidden talents

So its back to school tomorrow, looking forward to getting back in a routine but gonna miss the lie ins!
Thought I’d share with you some of Charlie’s talents… For years his teachers have battled with him to hold a pen in the correct way. Despite their efforts he continues to use a fist type grip. This hasn’t seemed to cause him any problems when it comes to accuracy… He’s never been able to put more than a few words together on a piece of paper but when he does write (normally labels things ) its very neat and tidy. Not a classic style of writing but one imitated from the text you would find on a keyboard! His obsession these last 2 weeks has been ‘flanimals’ by Ricky gervais, this is an old obsession of his that has just resurfaced. Charlie has many obsessions – started, of course, with Thomas the tank engine – we still have a miniature version of the island of sodor sprawled across his bedroom floor. I don’t think I’ve met another autistic person yet who hasn’t had the ‘thomas’ thing. When he was little he had no speech at all but he could recount the names number and colour of each engine he had been introduced to! I remember thinking how lovely it was just to hear his voice, even though it made no sense. Charlie was 5 when he first said hello. Although he has speech now I don’t think it makes him any less autistic… It is after all a social communication disorder and if anything the use of speech can often make him even more confused or anxious… Verbal reasoning is often out of the question – there’s no negotiating with him – when his mind s made up its crystal clear to him how things should be – no deviation or alternative is acceptable.
Sorry this isn’t a very good photo… Believe it or not this isnt a print out from the computer or just something he has coloured in… He’s done the whole thing free hand and exactly to scale as the pictures appear in the book… What a clever boy! 


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