Beautiful babies

When I was a child my dad used to say “you’ll be rewarded in heaven” whenever I’d done something worthy of recognition. When I became a mum I thought that I must have been really deserving of that reward as God had decided that I didn’t need to wait until then – He’d let me have my reward early. Each of my 3 children are beautiful. Harry is sensitive and thoughtful of others with brown eyes and was my blonde baby. May is confident and strong headed with bright blue eyes and curly jet black hair and Charlie is Charlie with his smokey grey eyes and brown hair. Each one beautiful and each one unique.
Charlie was the cutest of babies! He’s very easy to love in the same way that you love a baby. Partly because he will always be the baby of the family and partly because I’m very aware of the fact that the world, to him, must be like seeing through the eyes of a much younger child.
It’s difficult to compare Charlie to other childrens ages – in education terms he’s working towards a similar curriculum  of a 6 year old, but in communication terms his 6 year old cousins have leapt ahead and left him behind. Physically he’s a regular 13 year old – hormones and all! I can’t say its any fun and has added to Charlie’s problems, I won’t go into detail but i’m sure you can image the challenges this has brought – but we are coping, I think…
Charlie went for his brace fitting this week – we came home minus a brace! He has no concern for his personal appearance, so this is no motivation for him to get a brace, but his protruding top row is so severe he is unable to even close his lips and with a gap of almost an inch in his bite, its just not good for his oral health. He’s been so good at his orthodontic appointments up until now I dared to hope that it would all go smoothly.  But after very politely saying “no thank you, I don’t want braces” he got distressed, leapt off the dentists chair and stood facing the corner of the room. A little gentle persuasion saw him bolt from the surgery all together and disappear down the road. He found solace in an ants nest at the kerb of the road.
I think Charlie has made a friend at school. He’s mentioned another boys name a couple of times and today came home from school with a sketch of a ‘my little pony’ (a current obsession of Charlie’s) he says his friend did it for him. I think I will send a note via school to his friends parents and maybe we can arrange some ‘play days’ this will be a first – I’m actually  quite excited for Charlie!
Thought I’d leave you with a picture of my beautiful little boy – aged 1



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