Pockets of life

Ive never been one to shy away from a challenge. I can’t imagine what life would be like if I wasn’t juggling at least a couple of balls! I’m a firm believer in the concept of ‘the pockets of life’ by this I mean  that one shouldn’t consider all the important things in their life and  decide which is more important than the next, but give 100% to the pocket that you are in at the time.
So when I go off to work, I become Sara who cares for women and babies (and midwives!) And when I am at home I am Sara the mum and wife and cleaner and cook etc etc and carer for Charlie.
I struggle with the idea that I can’t give 100% all of the time and be the best I can be. Im an all or nothing kind of girl. Maybe it’s because I’m scared of failure or I love the feeling of success a bit too much!
As time goes by we expect our lives to change and grow as the people around us change and grow. But life with Charlie is similar to having an eternal toddler.  The things you dream of enjoying together as a family when your kids get older have just never happened. Meals out. Holidays. Independence.
Last week I took up the challenge of Charlie having his friend for tea. He was very excited in the days leading up to this and even spent the night before tidying his room. On the day, I picked them up from school and when we got  home Charlie shot to his bedroom and refused his friend entry… conscious not to distress his friend I tried to coax Charlie into letting him in. But Charlie was his usual anxious self and decided to take himself out of the situation by leaving the house without warning.  I spent 30 minutes looking for him, with his friend in tow.  We were on our 4 th time around the block when we spotted him. Its hard to stay focused when  your hearts going like the clappers, your imagination is running wild and your processing your options and formulating a plan whilst maintaining a cool exterior.  The experience isn’t one I want to repeat in a hurry.
Sadly the friend got taken home so the ‘friend for tea’ didn’t happen. 
The best thing about valuing my ‘pockets’ is that I can completely escape the stresses of life and use opportunities, like time with my friends or weekends away to recharge my batteries, put myself first, feed the soul and get back to life with renewed vigor and optimism.
So girls, I am indeed looking forward to this weekend – I fully intend to stay in the hot tub until I’m wrinkled like a prune, drink a few more pimms than is healthy for me and show off my dancing talents at our bollywood class! ! Thank you girls for inviting me and thank you Gary for holding the fort. I owe you one! Xx


One thought on “Pockets of life

  1. pawla weekes

    You deserve a rest Sara!! Your an amazing mummy!! Looking forward to sharing some great times this weekend xxx


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